Casual eagle

I saw this Bald Eagle in the drizzly mist today.


As long as I watched her she stood in this casual pose, one foot dangling, talons loosely clasped, surveying the marsh below. Like a child in a tree fort, one foot tucked under, one swinging.


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Hey, where’d the shorebirds go?

The flats at Cohoes were deserted today except for a few dozen gulls. And half the reason why was perched in a cottonwood tree.

Undaunted, I scoured the rocks without finding even a Killdeer. As the Peregrine in the tree to my right took off


a second, previously hidden, shot out of the trees to my left and together they strafed the gulls on the rocks and spillway. When the sky was white with gulls, the pair took off towards a flock of pigeons on power lines and I last saw them heading upriver.

Later at Papscannee, I saw three of the Peregrines’ little cousins. This Kestrel was perched on a wildly swaying twiglet much too thin for its weight.


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Osprey at Montezuma, 9/25

I’m trying to get better at photographing birds in flight so I practiced on this osprey circling to hunt.

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Trumpeter Swans at Montezuma, 9/25

It was a beautiful day at Montezuma NWR as we headed home after a week in the Ithaca area. You couldn’t ask for a nicer view over Tschache Pool.


A family of Trumpeter Swans swam close to the dike, giving me better views of them than I’d ever had before.



They nest on the marshes of the refuge, and eventually the whole family paddled into view.


I think the upper bird has a damaged wing. It looks almost as if it’s twisted upside-down.


Tundra vs Trumpeter is a real ID challenge. Tundra Swans usually (but not always) have a yellow spot on the lores — the area between the beak and eye. Even if that’s lacking, the eye is usually more defined — a circle at the end of the beak, while the Trumpeter’s eye seems absorbed by the black of the beak. The Trumpeter’s beak and head form a straighter wedge shape, like a Canvasback’s head.

(Also, this family has been watched and identified all summer, so I’m pretty sure!)

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Poem #26


In perfect understanding

the message carried through bone and muscle


tossing to release

the silver weapon skyward


hold for communion

the brilliant eye, the poised wing

the tension before



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Poem #25

It begins with a sprinkle of letters

high in the hills

words roll downstream

into freshets of phrase

roiling brooks of metaphor

joining the great river of inspiration

and flooding at last

into my mailbox

Written in response to ‘Fourth Day of No Postcards’


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Poem #24

Oh no! no internet

no connectivity

no community

I’m lost without my network

the fragile web strands snapped

leaving me dangling

Photo by Randall Feldhusen

Photo by Randall Feldhusen

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Poem #23

‘Where’s my Supersuit?’


Thor calls down lightning.

Superman leaps towers.

I have to settle for

more mundane super-powers.

Wolverine’s self-healing.

The Hulk smashed Loki flat.

I can be up and out the door

in 15 minutes, stat.

The Flash moves like a cheetah,

Nightcrawler like a toad.

I can find a Stewart’s

at the end of any road.

Tony Stark’s a genius.

Spiderman crawls wall.

I just keep on getting up

no matter how I fall.

Stewart's, the birders's friend

Stewart’s, the birders’s friend

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Poem #22

Last night’s rain is over

morning glitters from every leafpoint

and in the jewel-weed

a hummingbird levitates

showered by her whirlwind

in a storm of diamonds


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Poem #21

Hope like a silk scarf

floats from my hand to yours

It flutters

the sunshines through it

but it is strong enough

to reel you in

pull you to my arms

where I can say

I understand

I’ve been there too

I will hold you

until you heal

and the joyous rainbow of the scarf

illuminates your soul


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