Poem #19

The sheetrock guy

gets no respect. But who else

conceals electrical mysteries

entombs the house’s circulation

tweaks skewed corners

into true.

Tape up the cracks,

skim a coat of serenity

so we can face the world

with untroubled surface

all that’s vulnerable

seamlessly covered over.



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Poem #18



The logical mind that welded connections,

designed the delicate pieces

to fill the gaps

drafted hieroglyphs

has a snapped spring

an untoothed gear

schematics blurred

Rain washed out the blueprints

out-of-calibration tools

laid aside


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Poem #17

‘Supermoon III’


Moonlight shivers along pine boughs

Even at the darkest

it’s hot, air is still

mist rising over fields

More oppressive still

the cicadas’ scream crescendos

then stops, then painfully scales up

Meteors and fireflies 

burn up in the atmosphere

We sigh for a cool kiss

from high peaks


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Poem #16

Summer’s bolted,

flowered, gone to seed.

I graze the last bitter leaves

or sow a fall crop.


Swallows ranked in rows

forked tails due north

rolling out, replaced by starlings

massing for invasion.


Summer was a river then

flowing endlessly before us.

When did the channel

become so narrow?

Bank Swallow

Bank Swallow



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Poem #15

We’ve lost him already

though he’s still here

face closed

arms crossed, dismissive.

He’s hollowed out

joy and spirit melted by

a sullen core of magma.

He’s paused at the doorstep

soon he’ll turn 

and close it forever.


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Bleach-blond redhead

Anticipating the first chilly morning, I filled all my feeders last night. I’m glad I did. Among the usual suspects at breakfast buffet, I saw this eccentric fellow.

IMG_1488 IMG_1484

It’s a partially leucistic House Finch.

I’m always looking for leucistic birds, but this is the first time I’ve been able to get a photo. A few years ago an American Robin with ‘racing stripes’ – white feathers in its wings – visited the yard for a day, and I’ve seen mottled Robins on the Cornell campus. There’s a stunning white Red-tailed Hawk (frequently mistaken for a Snowy Owl) in the area, but it often hangs out on the I-90 bridge when I’m zipping past at 60. Maybe someday I’ll be fortuitously stuck in traffic!

Browse through Google images for leucistic birds and delight your eyes. Common birds, many of them, made stunning by a chance mutation. Of them all, my favorite is the calico red-winged blackbird seen by Nancy Nabak.

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Poem #14

‘Supermoon II’


The pumpkin coach approaches 

over the crest of the hill


A rooster murmurs about dawn


We walked there, once

Can I find

the shadows of our footprints?


Coyotes howl and leap

for the golden ball forever out of reach


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Poem #13



Well-met by moonlight

An owl screamed 

as we walked clamshell paths

glowing before us

The stir and rustle 

of birds in darkness –

side by side

we learned each other

and dreamed the days to come.


A golden moon tonight

floods the fields where we walk

side by side

knowing each other

reliving the years behind us.


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Poem #12

‘Geography of a mattress’


Two deep valleys,

a mountain range between.

We scale the peaks

to explore the other’s terrain,

sign treaties, unite two kingdoms.


Or the ridge stands for

barbed wire and no-man’s-land,

each huddled in our trench

praying for a Christmas truce.



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Poem #11

I start to write

a poem

and it turns into 

a list

of colors, joys, confusions, 

words rough-edged or velvet

actions, attitudes, attributes.

Too many years of

groceries, chores, to-dos…


And there I go.

A list of words, however beautiful

is not a poem…




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