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Helpful hints

Just because it’s in the water doesn’t make it waterfowl.


And being on the shore doesn’t make it a shorebird.


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When a Big Year isn’t big enough…

A group of birders at the Bronx Botanical Gardens the other day heard a cry of “Connecticut!” Immediately they rushed back to the parking lot… to find a child saying excitedly, “Look, Mom! This bus is from Connecticut! And the car is from Maryland!” Big laughs all around, but that got me thinking — how about a locale Big Year?

Find your Connecticut Warbler in Hartford! A Nashville Warbler at the Country Music Hall of Fame! Philadelphia Vireo by the Liberty Bell!

Yes! Heading to Europe for my European Starling! W00t!

Yes! Heading to Europe for my European Starling! W00t!

Some would be a puzzle. Do I look for Acadian Flycatcher in a park in coastal Maine, or in the bayou? Is my life-bird victory dinner lobster or crayfish? If a Chickadee is in South Carolina, it’s probably a Carolina, but be sure to listen to its song!

While some are gimmees: Florida Scrub-Jay is found in Florida, period. Galapagos Penguin!

I could branch out to finding birds only in their named habitat — What are the odds of finding a Palm Warbler perched in a palm tree? If it’s in a Salix, does that make it a Willow Flycatcher? Can I find a Sandwich Tern at the deli?

Mourning Warbler habitat?

Mourning Warbler habitat?

And you can wind up your search for Brewer’s Blackbird somewhere like this.


Off to Russia for a Muscovy Duck!

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Poem #23

‘Where’s my Supersuit?’


Thor calls down lightning.

Superman leaps towers.

I have to settle for

more mundane super-powers.

Wolverine’s self-healing.

The Hulk smashed Loki flat.

I can be up and out the door

in 15 minutes, stat.

The Flash moves like a cheetah,

Nightcrawler like a toad.

I can find a Stewart’s

at the end of any road.

Tony Stark’s a genius.

Spiderman crawls wall.

I just keep on getting up

no matter how I fall.

Stewart's, the birders's friend

Stewart’s, the birders’s friend

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