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There are cat/bird interactions…

… and then there are CAT/BIRD interactions.

Hunter (that’s his name and he lives up to it) had a squirrel. Had, until someone dropped in for dinner…

©Dan Miller

©Dan Miller

Ginger, the cat inside, is saying, “Dude, you’re on your own here.”

©Dan Miller

©Dan Miller

Photos taken by Dan Miller. Thanks!

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Squirrel hands

I’ve bought two feeders lately that actually seem to work at keeping squirrels hungry.

This is an inexpensive Ace hardware store version of a Droll Yankee feeder. At only $12.99 it’s doing a good job at protecting sunflower seed.


I bought this in the fall at Walmart, of all places. It was a bit pricier — maybe $25?– but it’s hilarious and a bit sad watching the squirrels try to chew through metal. Notice the shiny spots where they tried!


What mystifies me with both of these is squirrel feeding behaviour. Watch them and you’ll see they use their paws to hold food. But they don’t use their hands to reach into the feeder ports! It seems so odd that they don’t just reach in and scrape seeds out. Wouldn’t that be a valuable tactic for raiding food caches?

*sigh* OK, I obviously need to do some research on The Enemy.

Also, Tractor Supply Store! 25 lbs of thistle seed for only $25.99! That is a tremendous deal! They also carry 50 lbs for $50, but I know if I buy that all the insatiable Redpolls will leave town. A much better buy than the ‘bargain’ price at the supermarket that turned out to be 8% red millet, useless to bird and beast.


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