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Happy Thanksbirding

On this day, as on all others, I’m thankful for all things avian.

Thanks to the bird who gave its all today. You were delicious.

Thanks to the bloggers and photographers, the philosophers and field-guide writers. You help me see — more, you help me observe and learn about birds and from them. You show me intimate details, grand spectacles and 10,000 birds outside my little world.

Thanks to my fellow birders who generously share their time and expertise. Rarae aves, the whole flock of you.

Thanks to the birds-of-my-yard who entertained me though the kitchen window while I chopped and sautéed. I hope you enjoyed your feast, too. 

And thank you all, all feathered life. May you fly and swim and hoot and sing and bring us generations of wonder and beauty, world without end.



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