Passenger Pigeon


Martha, the last Passenger Pigeon, died September first, one hundred years ago. il_340x270.524207042_jzy7 She stares glassy eyed

(of course; they’re glass)

her rose throat faded

dust on her smoke-blue head

She’s been dead 100 years

lonely last of her kind

that deafened as they rose

to the morning sky

An endless feathered river

they broke branches,

whole trees in their roost,

died in tens of millions

until the great river ran

down to one lost drop IMG_0059 This statue set outside the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is part of Todd McGrain’s Lost Bird Project, memorializing five iconic species lost to extinction.

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4 thoughts on “Passenger Pigeon

  1. Have you gone to the exhibit about Passenger Pigeons at the NYSM? I haven’t been yet it might be reallyyy small:
    Also at the NYSM my favorite permanent exhibit is the birds :).

  2. Upstate Ellen

    I assume you saw the photo I posted of Martha at the Smithsonian.

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