And now for something completely different…

I signed up for the August Postcard Poetry Fest — write a short poem per day, copy it onto a postcard, and send it off into the wild. 31 little poems, how hard could it be?

HARD. I hadn’t written a poem since college… well, the occaisional haiku, a few lascivious limericks. But this exercised mental muscles I hadn’t worked in years. But I struggled through. So for the next 31 days, in addition to my regular birdy posts, I’ll be putting my poems here with a photo or two. Here goes!

‘on a hot afternoon’

the cat melts

into the kitchen floor

a pool of creamsicle

an inch deep

only her tail alive

waving, waving

calling the wind

calling the storm

IMG_5601 2


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5 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

  1. Betty frezon

    Love the picture and the poem. Glad you and Mary Beth did this.

  2. camelama

    LOVE the poem!

  3. Upstate Ellen

    To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been much of a poetry fan – but I LOVE this one! Well done.

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