Bird everywhere you go.

The meeting place for a recent field trip was a suburban Dunkin’ Donuts. So all we could expect there would be dumpster divers like Starlings and House Sparrows, right?

Wrong. Turns out there’s a storm catch basin behind the store. In 20 minutes, we saw Eastern Kingbirds, Eastern Phoebes, Cedar Waxwings, Red-winged Blackbirds, young American Crows begging, American Robins, a Baltimore Oriole…


… and two Green Herons, almost blending into the muddy foliage.


AND the first of an even dozen American Kestrels for the day!

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3 thoughts on “Bird everywhere you go.

  1. Betty frezon

    Great trip. Lots of birds around now.

  2. I’m enjoying your photo’s! I am new to bird watching and have only gone with a group once to date but I learned so much and plan on joining a group from our Natural History Society here in Victoria BC. Most of my bird watching happens from a picnic table in the parks and there is much to be learned about crows. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you! I agree — crows (and ravens) are endlessly watchable. Our resident ravens were playing the Stick Game yesterday, tumbling in the sky and dropping a stick to one another.

      I visited Victoria years ago — such a beautiful area!

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