The usual suspects, part III

When I hear a Pileated Woodpecker drumming or calling, I look up. That’s not always the right direction — Pileateds are often found at the base of rotting trees, excavating the ant larvae they love so much. This handsome fellow was tossing chips about and ‘wuk-wuk-wuk’ing at top volume.

We’re so fortunate to have these spectacular birds regularly dine at the dead trees in our swamp. If you have a dead tree that’s not in a problematic location, let it stand! Who knows who will call it home?

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3 thoughts on “The usual suspects, part III

  1. … and when you see one of these, you know you’re seeing a close relative of the dinosaurs! Good pictures!

  2. Ellen

    Great pictures of one of my favorite birds!

  3. Betty frezon

    Wonderful to see. We so enjoyed them in a half dead maple by the patio. Remember Andy seeing one for the first. He was so taken with this really big bird. Good memories.

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