Today’s wandering

My chauffeur and I got a late start today, and it was nearly 3:00 when we reached Blockhouse Park in Stillwater in search of a male Barrow’s Goldeneye, an infrequent winter visitor. After scanning the water for nearly an hour in a chill wind that made it feel much colder than 30º, we gave up. Of course I checked my email at home to learn the bird had been half a mile upriver… it never occurred to me that the water would be open above the spillway. Oh well!

On the way home we stopped at the Crescent Hydro plant in search of another of my target birds. The Red-breasted Merganser was much more cooperative!



Love that glowing red eye and spiky hairdo.

As it was getting dusky, the resident young peregrine treated us to a low flyover and landed on a pylon to groom. Its feathers looked damp and disheveled. I wonder if it had taken down some prey on wet ice.





Yeah maybe I’ll try for the Barrow’s again tomorrow, what do you think?


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2 thoughts on “Today’s wandering

  1. Betty Mulligan Frezon

    We were lucky to see mergansers on Brant Lake early in the spring. Saw a write up in the Times Union where some snow shoers saw an eagle and a merganser at Brant Lake area. It was in the paper this week. That of course caught my interest.

  2. I think I love peregrines!

    Happy (and safe) trails tomorrow!

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