Porch birding

Despite temps in the low 20s, the bright sunshine made it feel quite mild this afternoon. So I bundled up to refill the feeders, a slow process one-handed and in new snow. After dragging a chair to the porch, I slid the door open to enjoy fresh air and birdsong. One of the pair of Carolina Wrens rattled in the woods and a Tufted Titmouse “peter peter”ed.

With the camera set up on a tripod, I was able to snap a few shots.

Mr. Downy Woodpecker helps himself to some suet.



He’s ready for Valentine’s Day with that crimson heart on his nape.

His Mrs., or somebody’s, waits her turn. At least 5 Downys cycled in and out.



The Dark-eyed Juncos appreciated the return of their buffet tables.



So, nothing out of the ordinary, just a pleasant afternoon visit with the neighbors.

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5 thoughts on “Porch birding

  1. Upstate Ellen

    Great pictures! I don’t know how far out your bird feeders are, but my efforts to photograph smaller birds like juncos by our feeders haven’t been very successful.

  2. Glad you’re somewhat back in the saddle again, and taking photos one-handedly. Love your new masthead photo, btw, as well as the woodpeckers.

  3. Janet Oliver

    Seriously- you’re broken again? Do hospitals give out frequent flyers discounts? I had peeked in to your blog to see if you were checking out the local snowy owl sightings. Heal soon. See you at ESQ. Janet O.

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