Oh no, not again!

I went out to the car this morning, tossed some stuff in, shut the door and walked around to the driver’s side. At least, that’s what I meant to do…

What I actually did was have my feet fly out from under me on the ice I knew was there under a thin skim of snow. I fell straight down onto my back, and my right elbow slammed into a ridge of ice.

Yes, that’s my second bad break in 15 months, and this one will need surgery too. So I’m grounded for the winter. The only bright side is that I wasn’t carrying my scope, camera, binocs. See you in the spring, I hope!


ETA — that should be 26 months, not 15. I mean I’m a klutz, but not that bad.

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6 thoughts on “Oh no, not again!

  1. Time to start a new list!!!! BIRDS SEEN FROM MY WINDOW

  2. Oh no, how awful, I am so sorry to read this!! I can’t click the like button because I don’t like that you’re hurt, not one bit. I hope they are giving you something good for the pain and that you’re warm and as comfy as possible. Take care!

  3. Betty frezon

    So sorry Naomi, I am sure things seem dim. Think good thoughts. Love Betty

  4. No, no no no! I want to be able to turn back time for you! (((I’m SO sorry to hear this))) Best wishes on healing and PLEASE let us all know how we can help….

  5. Ow, ow, ow. Hope you heal quickly and completely with a stronger arm than ever!! (Was it an arm break or shoulder break?)

    Link in your post is an admin link; the rest of us poor slobs can use this one:


  6. Take good care! Today is rainy here (Springfield, VT) but over ice! My wife, a visiting nurse, called a while ago to say that after three of her five scheduled visits she gave up on an icy hill and is headed home. I am still praying fo her safety, and now for your recovery as well! Thank you for posting beautiful bird pictures here, and for letting the Gunroom list know about your birding activities!

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