Scouting for SoRenssCBC

Saturday is the Southern Rensselaer CBC.  This will be my fourth year doing the count and the first time I’m the ‘leader’. I’ve been ‘observer’ and ‘recorder’ before but this feels like the medical school adage — ” Watch one, do one, teach one.” Am I ready?

Part of the leader’s job is scouting out the area in the days prior to the count, checking out filled feeders, manured fields, and promising thickets. My section isn’t one of the birdiest in the county. Lots of subdivisions, urban streets, not so much forest or farmland. Access to the Hudson is only along a road lined by abandoned factories, a water treatment plant, and the county lockup.

We’ve got Forest Park Cemetery, supposedly the most haunted place in the Capital Region. No ghosts, but a few birds high in the evergreens.


If this was a 4th of July count, we could stop at Moxie’s for an ice cream. Six different vanillas, plus Blue Moon!


Some days, a bunch of crows out for a stroll is as good as you’re going to get.



A curious relief carving on the back of PS 12 in Troy.



And a Redtail by the water treatment plant, in a sun/snow shower.



Tomorrow I’ll check out the trails at RPI Tech Park. Might even venture into the tangles of suburbia. I hope it gets a bit livelier by the weekend!


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One thought on “Scouting for SoRenssCBC

  1. Good luck tomorrow! Hope you find a lot for the count.

    Our CBC was last Saturday and, like you, I was leader for a “not-so-birdy” sector. We ended up with 82 species for that sector and 144 total for our circle. Not bad considering our weather was 84 F, almost 20 degrees above normal!

    Happy Holidays!

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