Spiderweb season

Fall is officially over, regardless of what the calendar says. Frost lingers in to mid-morning, and only the oaks retain their leaves. So I look back now to my favorite month, October, the season of mist and spiderwebs.


Another early-morning walk at Five Rivers. Warblers and vireos are making their last appearances, while the sparrow shift is taking place: Chipping Sparrows on the way south, White-throated and Tree Sparrows settling in. The tiny balls of energy that are Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets seem to use more energy than they can consume in their frenetic foraging. It’s the big feed-up before frost.


And the spiders are equally avid. A light drizzle highlights webs everywhere.

Goodbye, October. I’ll miss you.

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3 thoughts on “Spiderweb season

  1. October was stunning this year (or maybe I noticed it more). Either way, yes, spiders or not, I’ll miss it too.

  2. Very nice pics. Starting to get frosty here. We had snow once already but it has warmed up and despite a very heavy frost last night, today was beautiful. 6 C (43 F) and mostly sunny. Won’t be very days like this left this year.

  3. wonderful shots, well done !

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