#105: Palm Warbler

Yard bird #105 this morning was a Palm Warbler. In its subdued fall plumage, the most distinctive field marks are the bright yellow undertail coverts, and its tail in a constant state of twitch.

He was part of a small flurry of migrants and locals including our pair of Carolina Wrens (who, thank the Lord of All Birds, have finally stopped singing at dawn outside my window), a House Wren, Ruby-crowned Kinglet frenetically foraging, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers at the suet, White- and Red-breasted Nuthatches ditto, a squalling Gray Catbird, a Song Sparrow, and the usual Chickadees and Goldfinches. Five minutes of intense activity, and they all flitted off to the next buffet.

Here’s a nice view of the warbler in fall.

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4 thoughts on “#105: Palm Warbler

  1. Betty Mulligan Frezon

    Thanks Naomi, I have seen a couple of these and did not for sure who I was enjoying. The birds have been many today. Robins in a flock. All kinds little ones in the grass. So good to see all of this activity.

  2. Cool. Now I’ll know a little of what I’m seeing 🙂

  3. Morning Naomi. I always love watching Palm Warblers as they hop around pumping their tail and checking everything out. They are full of life.

  4. A handsome fellow indeed!

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