It’s raining snakes!

So I’m driving down a heavily-wooded road this morning, minding my own business, when an accipiter blasts out of the trees at windshield height with a snake in her talons. I don’t know who was more startled. I jammed on the brakes and she dropped the snake which fell on my windshield, slid over the hood and off. I couldn’t find it on the shoulder so either it slid pretty far or it was able to get under cover.

I’m leaning towards Cooper’s mainly because it looked abso-freakin’-lutely huge through my windshield, and because the snake was at least a foot long… I had a better look at the snake than the bird! Also, I’ve watched a female Coop perched on that road before.

I never thought I’d see the Mexican flag re-enacted right in front of me (minus the cactus).

Not just an allegory.

Not just an allegory.

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3 thoughts on “It’s raining snakes!

  1. Upstate Ellen

    Great story!

  2. What a fantastic, fabulous experience and post! Wow. I see you’ve tagged it OMG Bird, and I couldn’t say it better: OMG. Making the connection to the Mexican flag is brilliant, too.

  3. Thanks! I was thinking of quoting Samuel L Jackson in ‘Snakes On a Plane’ but this is a family-friendly blog… 😉

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