Et cetera et cetera

… and so forth. It’s another hot night and I’m lacking the brain to write a real post. So here are some random photos with commentary.

Just to give you an idea how much it’s rained here, to take this picture usually I’d be standing about 6 feet in front of those bushes.

Cohoes Flats, 7/1/13

Cohoes Flats, 7/1/13

Whose bright idea was this? A Blue Jay, I’m guessing. It’s got that disreputable ramshackle look they specialize in. And if I turn the light on, it’s an automatic brooder! (Or egg coddler.)

By the front door, which gets opened 20X a day.

By the front door, which gets opened 20X a day.

Best picture I’ve ever taken of a Pileated Woodpecker. I stood about 15 feet from the base of this tree and he completely ignored me.



Not sure if this reminds me more of Admiral Ackbar or Blackadder.

It's a plot! But is it cunning?

It’s a plot! But is it cunning?

A Redhead, a less-common duck for our area. Seen in early spring near Stillwater.

Drake Redhead

Drake Redhead

Is there anything that shouts, “SEX! SEX!” more than a Ring-necked Pheasant? This guy made it through gamebird season and he wants the ladies to know he’s primed for lovin’.

"Ladies, look at your mate. Now look at me..."

“Ladies, look at your mate. Now look at me…”

Every year I see some mangy baldheaded Blue Jays at the feeders. Tonsured Red-winged blackbird: not so often. His scalp looked bumpy and gray so I don’t know if this was caused by injury, disease, parasites, or just a freaky molt.

Hair club for birds -- 'before' picture.

Hair club for birds — ‘before’ picture.

There’s something so clean and elegant about Tree Swallows, the gunmetal-blue iridescence and pure white breast.Taken in early April, so there were a lot of sideways glances and chirring and feather-ruffling.



What more can I say? I just love this little peanut. He stuck around all winter, sparring with his rival in the window. 4″ of pure attitude.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Ruby-crowned Kinglet









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3 thoughts on “Et cetera et cetera

  1. Edward Frezon


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  2. Nice post. I am still waiting for a chance to take a good picture of a Pileated like that. One of these days. Like your new picture on your header. We have had an inordinate amount of the rain this year too. Everything is so lush.

    • ‘Lush’ is one word for it… :-0 Birding in the Adirondacks was a challenge yesterday, ankle-deep muck and trail bridges washed out.

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