Wilson Powell Sanctuary, Old Chatham 4/30/13

Been here… been there… been to all the usual spots. Time to check the local field-trrip guide. Hmm, Wilson Powell Sanctuary isn’t too far away…

Some wrong turns and a twisty route through northern Columbia County later, I arrived at the sanctuary. It was still early spring and the trees had only begun leafing out. Wildflowers carpeted the forest floor.

The trail starts rising gently to a steep slope on the edge of a ravine where I heard Northern Waterthrush, Ovenbirds, and my first Worm-eating Warbler. A pair of Broad-winged Hawks whistled overhead. At the top of the trail you take a left to find yourself on Dorson’s Rock, looking over the Hudson Valley to Green County.

A Raven flew so low I could hear it push the wind through its wings.

Back down near the parking lot, there’s a pond and marshy area. A Snapping Turtle had just hauled herself out of the winter’s mud and basked.

It’s a nice place for a saunter.


37 species, one new life bird.

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2 thoughts on “Wilson Powell Sanctuary, Old Chatham 4/30/13

  1. Upstate Ellen

    Worm-Eating Warbler is there?? I had no idea. Hmmm.

    • I never saw more than movement in the undergrowth, but the habitat (I was at the bottom of a steep wooded slope) and voice were correct. It may have been just passing through…

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