Night on Herp patrol


Late Wednesday night the temperature was in the high 40sF and a steady rain had fallen for several hours. Time for Herp Patrol! There are spots on our road that are wooded slopes on one side and vernal pools on the other, and on warm wet nights the Spotted Salamanders are on the move. They make the dangerous road crossing heading with intent for their breeding ponds. After spending several nights, they return to the leaf litter with the next rain.

We covered about a mile and moved four salamanders from the road. All were headed away from the water.



The pavement was crawling with fat worms and frogs were out for the feast. We shooed off numerous Leopard Frogs and sighed over the squashed ones. In the distance Spring Peepers chimed deafeningly.

You don’t often hear Wood frogs without Peeper accompaniment, so I recorded these quackers.

The final highlight of the evening was my year’s first Barred Owls hooting in the distance.

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3 thoughts on “Night on Herp patrol

  1. Betty Mulligan Frezon

    Sounds a little bit like heaven to me. Happy you know how to enjoy all of this.

  2. I have a big child who used to make vernal pools after his bath. Okay, so the house wasn’t a dirt floor and all, but if you imagine it, it’s funny.

    I want to go on some of these walks with you :-).

  3. Robin

    Great photos! There was an article in today’s Post Star newpapers about the breeding habits of spotted salemanders.

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