It looks like our winter visitors, the pair of Sandhill Cranes, have finally moved on. They haven’t been seen in the usual spots for a few weeks, while reports from Vermont are cropping up now. They were a wonderful surprise while they lasted!

Some of my photos:

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If you’d like some really good images of the birds, check out these photo galleries by Ken Harper. Oh, for a good camera…

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2 thoughts on “Sandhills

  1. Upstate Ellen

    I’m glad I had the opportunity to see the Sandhill Cranes while they were around. Now if I could just get up to Queensbury for the Bohemian Waxwings before they take off…

    I’m saving up for a new camera myself, so I can take bird photos. You got some good shots with whatever you’re using.

    • I’m hoping the Waxwings stick around until Monday or Tues, so I can get there. And someone saw a Pine Grosbeak there too, which I missed in the fall! And Short-ears out in the daylight! I could have a three-lifer day!

      My camera’s just a point&shoot — it was a decent one six years ago when I bought it (which makes it prehistoric, now). I just wish someone made a digital body I could use our numerous Minolta lenses on. It kills me to see that investment in equipment sitting idle.

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