Century bird

It’s cold with 40 mph wind gusts and the driveway hasn’t been dug out yet, so — time to update. It’s only been (eek) 4 months!

The last time we spoke I was cheering having seen yard birds #96 and #97. In looking over the list, I realised I had forgotten Red-eyed Vireo which is not only present in my yard but nearly ubiquitous in the summer. So there I was at 98 and holding…

Then in early October I heard the long melodious song of a Winter Wren, disproportionately loud for its tiny size. This adorable little peanut foraged around the feeders for a few days. #99!

And why am I posting a truly dreadful picture of a Hooded Merganser, a bird I see nine months out of the year? Because on 11/1, this beauty and his mate were yard species #100! Hey, it only took 20 years and two months to get there.


That’s 14 new species this year. I know there are still warblers I’m missing, and I don’t look UP nearly enough to see what’s passing through. Cold be eagles, could be snow geese… So what will #101 be? I’m scouring the swarms of Common Redpolls for the odd Hoary. Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “Century bird

  1. Upstate Ellen

    Congratulations on your 100th yard bird! As you probably saw on HMBirds, I just reached #75 with an American Tree Sparrow.

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