Crawling towards 100

Gray dogwood, popular hangout

The yard list creeps up slowly. Last evening I went out, hoping to add some migrating Common Nighthawks. No luck with them, but I did spot two juvenile Scarlet Tanagers (more olive-yellow) foraging in company with Cedar Waxwings among the white berries of a Grey Dogwood bush. Later a raptor wheeled overhead whistling — a Broad-winged Hawk.

So, two new birds for my yard list, bringing it up to 97.

Just dropped in for lunch.

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4 thoughts on “Crawling towards 100

  1. Love this Naomi. Shades of Brant Lake

  2. Upstate Ellen

    Nice additions. I’m up to 61 with that Barred Owl, but my current yard list is only a few months old.

    • That’s amazing!

      Mine started in ’92, but there was about a 15 year hiatus in the middle. I’m sure there’s still a lot I haven’t observed.

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