Roadside Raptors

I passed the time on the trip to and from Ithaca by counting raptors. Someone really needs to write ‘Hawk ID at Highway Speed’.

Of the 49 birds I saw, I’d say at least 35 were definitely Red-tails. Either I saw the red tail, the belly band, or their rumpled put-upon appearance when being harassed by crows. One had the slender body of an accipiter, and with absolutely no confidence I’d call it a Coopers’ Hawk. Another hawk in flight was without a doubt a dark-morph Rough-legged Hawk, and I suspect a lot of the perchers along the way were Rough-legs too. No Bald Eagles, though, and no Turkey Vultures although they hang out in the Ithaca area year round.

I saw my first Wild Turkeys foraging in a cornfield, too. New for 2012!

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4 thoughts on “Roadside Raptors

  1. First wild turkeys ever, or first for 2012?

  2. I like the book idea – go for it! I hear grant money! fame! fortune! book tours!

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