Bird, Mammal, Herp

A few random critters.

The first Common Loon of the fall season landed on Snyder’s Lake this week. The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend, though, so the powerboats will probably be back out unnerving the waterfowl. It’s a bit early for the migrant ducks to come through but I’ll be scanning the lakes starting now.

Take my word for it, OK? That's a loon.

A few nights ago my vampire son heard a racket outside in the middle of the night and found five raccoons were attacking the feeders. A few nights later they managed to dislodge the big suet cage and bring it down. I’m surprised they didn’t drag it off somewhere. And as clever as their paws are, they were baffled by a simple twist-tie securing the cage!

One hangs from the sunflower feeder, while another waits forit to fall.

Spring Peepers are the most persistent calling frogs. The guys are in the mood for love until there’s frost on the pond, and they’ll start up again in a February thaw. The general dampness all last month has brought them onto my windows almost every night. When I shine a light near them, it attracts small insects and it’s hunting time.

Hyla autumnus, the Fall Peeper. Body size about 1".



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3 thoughts on “Bird, Mammal, Herp

  1. Mary beth Frezon

    Great loon shot. I had no idea peepers were so persistent. Makes me feel better about all the commotion I have been hearing!

  2. I have to admit, I really love tiny frogs (I might reevaluate if I had to listen to peepers every night!)…and loons, loons are really special…gorgeous, and they mate for life.

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