This place is full of vultures, vultures everywhere.

I usually try to get pictures of Turkey Vultures on the wing where their mastery of thermals overshadows their homely looks. This guy was hanging out on a power pole, wishing the Saturday morning traffic would stop long enough for him to dine on the dead squirrel below. Four crows across the street heckled him, sometimes swinging high overhead. Cathartes aura didn’t seem bothered much by them, or by us when we stopped the car to check out the situation. Having endured the constant stream of cars and corvine abuse, he finally took off into the warming air, pursued into the distance by the mob. With luck he found some nice well-aged breakfast.

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I like his very flat-footed stance atop the pole. Those are definitely not gripping, tearing, piercing feet like a raptor. Vultures don’t fly off with their food like hawks, though he might have dragged the squirrel to the shoulder. That road would never have been quiet enough for him to dine.

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2 thoughts on “This place is full of vultures, vultures everywhere.

  1. Mary beth Frezon

    Noticed little flock of vultures this morning with their attendant blackbirds circling over the parking lot at Crossgates mall. Didn’t find any vulture tasty-treats but to be honest I didn’t look much. Did make me wonder when they migrate away from here?

    • They’ll be heading south in a month or so. Or their poor bald heads would freeze!

      Hawk (and allies) migration is just getting going now. I’ll be doing a hawk watch from Thacher Park this weekend. I’ll be happy if I can tell buteos from accipiters and leave the fine sifting to the experts.

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