Impressive cloudage

Parts of Massachusetts were ravaged yesterday by tornadoes, not something we expect here on the western edge of New England. We didn’t see a drop of rain from the storms, but we could see the trailing edge of the storm moving off to the southeast. Behind it was a beautiful cold wind, a blessed relief after the 95°F and 70° dewpoint we had been suffering through. I didn’t have my camera with me when the cloud was most impressive, but it looked like this.

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When I first saw the cloud, about 15 minutes before I took these pictures, the cumulonimbus cloud at the center was huge, puffy, and blindingly white. Its head rose far into the anvil cloud at the top though I wasn’t at a good angle to see it doming over the top. Bulbous grey mammutus clouds hung pendulously from the high platform and the whole thing was ringed by a miles-wide circular cloudbank. I never saw such an amazing, frightening sight before, and given the damage and loss of life in Springfield and other towns, I hope I never do again.

Incredible footage of the tornado crossing the Connecticut River. At about 00:35, the storm begins to draw in and up the water it’s crossing. It looks like something out of the Old Testament.

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One thought on “Impressive cloudage

  1. It hit right where the boys’ uncle and family live — they’re okay, and they got camera (ipod) footage of some of it). And that’s where my cousin lives, but he’s on a bike trip out west.

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