What to do with bird seed bags

I put out between ten and fifteen pounds of birdseed a week during the winter. That’s a lot of bags.

“But Naomi,” you ask, “as an environmentally conscientious person, whatever do you do with all those non-recyclable plastic bags?”


Birdy tote bags!

Heavy duty, practically indestructible, and fun to show off! The only drawback is I start buying seed not by content or price, but by pictures. “It’s $3 more, but it has Grosbeaks! Must buy!”

Also… I have more than I can ever use. Anybody wanna bag?

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2 thoughts on “What to do with bird seed bags


    I love the birds-egg photo too :-).

  2. Poor silly robin put her nest right on the steps of an observation tower. I didn’t notice her flying off the first time we went up, but she shot back as soon as we went back down and we didn’t have the heart to disturb her again.

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