The Six-pack

There are six woodpecker species commonly seen in this area. I got all of them today. Hairy, Downy, Red-bellied, and Pileated Woodpeckers, Northern Flicker, and a yard FOS Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. All except the Sapsucker were in pairs.

Odds of bagging a Red-headed Woodpecker in my yard: reeaally long. I’ve only seen one in my life, and that was in Forest Park, Queens. And I guess I could run up to the ‘Rondacks for Three-toed and Black-backed.

The two Pileateds were working on a dead tree stump up the hill, whacking heavily at the base. Periodically one would fly to the top of another snag and give his ringing call.

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2 thoughts on “The Six-pack

  1. I’d call it a *good* day 🙂

  2. Love pileateds. They seem so other-worldly.

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