I am a camera

If I am, I’m probably just what I own — a basic point&shoot digital. Nothing fancy, it gets the job done, and I’ve caught the important family moments for years with it. But when I see the guys at Cohoes Falls getting shots of Bald Eagles where you can see every scale on the fish they’re eating, or hummingbirds in flight, I confess I feel… lens envy. I mean, how can you not? Just look at the size of that thing!

(It really is a guy thing, isn’t it. *snerk*)

But long ago, before the digital age, there was this:

Now THAT is a camera. Totally manual, it weighs in at 1 lb 3 oz with the standard 45mm lens. Add a long lens and you’re balancing almost 3 1/2 pounds. It’s been dropped, bounced, sat on, rained on, and generally abused. Together we went to Yellowstone, Alaska, Florida, and all over New England. I took some pretty good photos with it, if I do say so myself. Over the years I accumulated a lot of paraphernalia — lenses, filters, telephoto and macro attachments, and more. All in working condition. All of it outdated and not worth the effort to put on eBay.

I’ve been yearning for a digital SLR for some time now and got my hopes up when I learned of a Sony body which would accept Minolta lenses. Yay! Only, not. It takes new Minolta lenses, not the old ones I own. So, a slightly-better-than-beginner camera and a decent telephoto for wildlife photography — hundreds of dollars, maybe a thousand.

It occurs to me, $1000 will buy a lot of film and processing. So my old friend is coming out of its case, getting a spring cleaning, and I’ll be trying to remember all the techniques I used to play with. I think this will be fun, and I’ll be sure to mention what pictures, if any, come from a 30 year old camera using obsolete technology.

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2 thoughts on “I am a camera

  1. Mary beth

    When I got my digital I stuck with nikon purely because I already had two lenses for the film camera. keep your eyes open for a “recently old” camera for Digital. People replace perfectly good cameras to get higher res.

    That whole big lens thing though — totally XY!

    • I googled ‘huge telephoto lens’ to find that picture, spent a good 10 minutes LMAO.
      My dad & I bought the same camera so we could share gear, and it turned out Bill had the same one too, so we have a LOT of accessories between us.

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