Say it loud and there’s music playing

I was reading this blog post from Sharon Stiteler, the Birdchick, about providing fruit for our feeder birds, when I fell in love.

With this guy:

© Sharon Stiteler, the Birdchick

That, my friends, is a Chestnut-headed Oropendola eating a banana in Panama. Don’t you just want to sing it? OropenDO-LA! BaNAAna! PAAnama!

Sorry, got a little giddy there.

Anyway I do put out fruit for the birds. In summer everyone enjoys a cool slice of watermelon, especially orioles and catbirds. Grapes, especially small red ones, are a winter treat for the cardinals and others. Wild turkeys delight in frozen/thawed apples under the tree. They hook their beaks in and toss the pulp all over. Cantaloupe is another general favorite, seeds included. Pretty much anything a bit past its prime goes out for the critters and gets eaten, except for the often-recommended orange slices or grape jelly. They only seem to attract wasps.

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