Corvids are cool

'Thought and Memory', ©Naomi Lloyd, 2001

I never thought I’d be saying this, but …

There’s a really good article at about crow intelligence.

They confuse crows and ravens in their photos, but they do give links to the research (except for the meat-on-a-string test, which was Bernd Heinrich as recounted in Ravens In Winter, which you should read).

'Thought and Memory', detail

I sort of regret selling this one.

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2 thoughts on “Corvids are cool

  1. Mary beth

    Thanks for the links! I always liked this quilt too. We probably all have regrets over quilts gone to other homes but I try to think they are being enjoyed even more by the new owners. Time to make another one on the theme maybe?

    • Oooh, you mean — work in a series?? 🙂

      I really enjoy Heinrich’s books. Very hands-on science, including dragging road kill miles into the woods to bring the ravens in.

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