RWBB, oh yeah.

Chilly rain yesterday morning. Pro: no ice, no flooded basement, yay! Con: it didn’t take away as much snowpack as I had hoped. This is the most snow we’ve had on the ground for several years. Everything has been white since the day after Christmas. But be of good cheer — spring is on the way. The days are over 11 hours long, and even on subfreezing days icicles drip and break loose. Boughs held down by heavy drifts suddenly lift up, sproing!, scattering the juncos.

I’ve had my ears pricked for the last few days after local reports of Red-winged Blackbirds, but nothing yet. So I walked down the road after the rain stopped, the air windy but warm. A flock of a dozen Starlings squeaked and gibbered overhead, but — did some have longer tails? YES! Three RWBBs, not calling yet, not displaying their epaulets, all males. Soon they’ll be coming in clouds, trilling ‘onk-a-REE’ from every bush, and the females will choose their suitors.

Spring peepers! Woodcocks! Turkey Vultures! Blackflies! Spring is on the way.


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2 thoughts on “RWBB, oh yeah.

  1. I thought for *sure* I _heard_ one yesterday :-).

    ….and *I* had a flooded basement….. [sigh]

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