Of course you know…this means WAR.

I’ve tried being reasonable. This is the squirrel feeder I bought, installed and keep stocked.

This is my purportedly squirrel-proof feeder after three weeks.

This is the hook holding a big tube feeder under the eaves, snapped off under the weight of a very overfed squirrel.


Squirrel feeder

Hook snapped off

4 of 9 seed ports chewed right through


I thought we didn’t have a squirrel population problem here. What I didn’t realize was that the squirrels had a dog problem! And after Miss Autumn died and all her doggie playgroup stopped coming over to visit, those fluffy-tailed rats were in paradise. Suet! Sunflower seed! Peanuts! and not a hyperactive terrier mutt in sight!

So I’ve taken in all the bird feeders except one thistle feeder they can’t reach.  I’m seriously considering using a humane trap and moving them out of town, or installing a sliding panel on the kitchen window so I can blast them with a nerf gun. I would never use poison outdoors, and don’t want the hassle of learning how to shoot, and I don’t really want to kill them, anyway. I just want them to leave my expensive seed and feeders alone!

Maybe I’ll call the local pizzeria and find out where they get bulk hot pepper…

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2 thoughts on “Of course you know…this means WAR.

  1. Rose in MN

    Aren’t those squirrels the worst! A co-worker did battle with the squirrels. One day after driving the squirrels away from the bird feeder several times with a broom, she was still furious and threw her shoe at the squirrels up in the tree. Much to her dismay her shoe got left high up in the tree where she couldn’t reach the shoe. Finally her daughters bought a bird feeder that when the squirrels landed on the feeder, the feeder began twirling and threw the squirrels to the ground. I haven’t heard if she had any success but it was an on-going battle. I think they had tried the humane trap and relocating the varmits. As I remember she thought the squirrels had found their way back to her house.

    • Great story!
      The problem with relocating squirrels is their cousins move right in to the vacated habitat.

      Maybe we just need a new dog.

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