Bald Eagles

I drove out to Cohoes Falls this afternoon. The falls are worth seeing any time of year, but especially beautiful when ice-covered.

But the real reason I took the trip was these guys:

*sigh* More pitiful digiscoping.













Eagles often overwinter near falling water — dams, spillways and power plant outlets. Fish are caught up in the rushing water and, stunned, make easy pickings, especially for juvenile birds. This is also a great spot for gulls, ravens, and ducks. Just downriver I watched a flock of 30 or so Common Goldeneyes dipping and diving.

Troy has all the problems of the old Rustbelt cities, but at least they didn’t block off their waterfront with a spaghetti-bowl of highway and rail lines the way Albany did. All the streets end at the water, and you can pull into Stewart’s and have a cup of coffee as you set up your scope.

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2 thoughts on “Bald Eagles

  1. Excepting the bloody guts, this is spectacular~! Glad you had a good outing :-).

    I wanna play too 🙂

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