Rara Avis

There’s been an unusual sighting of a Rufous Hummingbird in Saratoga County, just north of me. The homeowner is welcoming birders (with advance notice, of course) and she’s been seen and photographed repeatedly in the last week. I just hope she packs up and leaves while this warm weather lasts!

No, I won’t be going to see her. I just feel too awkward about calling a random stranger and asking to hang around in his house for an hour or so until a bird shows up. Maybe someday I’ll make that dream trip to Texas and add a dozen hummingbirds to my list.

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4 thoughts on “Rara Avis

  1. Lynn


    Wow — I can’t believe one is there at all, and especially this time of year. You should call!

    The only big family vacation I can recall that did not center on canoes, family, or work-related was when we went to Arizona — birding paradise. In an out-of-print book on birding Arizona lent by a friend we found this awesome place to stay and bird — it was in the days before web pages, and had just gotten a new owner. We saw a rufous there — really cool!


    Caleb recently mentioned he’d like to go back. I’d be happy to return!

    Not Texas — but pretty awesome.

    Best wishes,

  2. Here’s a beautiful shot of the bird in action.

    Love those tiny toes.

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