I don’t know what these snakes were doing…

… but man, I wish I’d had a camera with me.

On one of the woodchip paths today, I saw four Garter Snakes, one large brown one which I think was female (thicker body which thins abruptly at the tail) and three smaller males (no change of size between body/tail). One of the males lay on top of the female, matching all her curves and his tail wrapped around her. An occasional muscular contraction passed down his body. The other two males kept tasting the air around her and trying to nudge their way between the pair.

It certainly looked like mating behaviour, but every reference I can find says garter snakes mate in the spring, fresh out of hibernation. I posted a question to the Western NY Herp Society, hoping they can enlighten me.

I watched them for 20 minutes or so. Not a lot was going on, just slow slithering. I decided to leave them alone after a while and hoped no one would come along and freak out at the sight of snakes.

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