Travels in Middle-earth

While walking through Fangorn Forest, I saw an Ent today.


No, really — look!

Pensive Ent.

And the Huorns were active too. Watch out for Orcs!

(Rats– if I want to send videos, I have to upgrade. ($60 per annum. No thanks.) So here it is on facebook.)

Thanks to Anna the Tall Hobbit whose sharp eyes spotted the old Ent.

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4 thoughts on “Travels in Middle-earth

  1. You got the photo~!!!

    You meanie, got there before me ;D!

    Most excellent of pics 🙂

  2. oh my! well at least with the Ents on your side, Orcs are less worrisome. Strength and Honor! For the Horde!

  3. PS you can sign up for a free you-tube account and link to it there.

  4. Thanks MB — I’ll do that.

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