Little, big.

I go out to check the sky when I hear crows mobbing. Usually they’re fussing about a Red-tail, but today it was a pair of Common Ravens circling around the cell phone tower. One perched for a while in a tree on the tower road, close to the trunk and out of sight, while the crows harried the other over the hill. The one in the tree then took off low over the house and a single crow — left behind as sentry, perhaps? — started the circus up again.  We enjoyed a good half-hour of ‘Caw caw cawcaw’ and ‘Ock. Ock. Ock.’ back and forth.

Two Carolina Wrens took extensive dust baths in an unused tomato planter. It was hard to make out their actual color under all the dust, but the really bright white eyebrows and loud buzzing sold me on the ID.

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2 thoughts on “Little, big.

  1. I don’t get to see ravens although I have heard them from time to time. There was that one sterling moment when I was out taking photos and I thought someone had snuck up on me and BLAM hit a nearby tree with a big stick, making a sort of banging-ringing sort of noise. Scared the bejeepers out of me. when I reported this, a friend suggested it was probably a raven. LOL. I managed to walk calmly back to my car!

  2. The pair of Redtails up the hill feel the same way about ravens as the crows do. Now that their young one is fledged, I see all 3 of them making threatening circles and keeing.

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