American kestrel, Tree swallow, Pileated woodpecker, Green heron, Ruby-throated hummingbird, Black-capped chickadee, Red-winged blackbird, American robin, Turkey vulture, Mourning dove, European starling, Gray catbird, Canada goose, American crow, Eastern kingbird, House sparrow, Common grackle, Cedar waxwing, Downy woodpecker, American goldfinch, Cardinal, Great blue heron, Wood duck, Northern flicker, Chipping sparrow, Killdeer, Northern mockingbird, Mallard, Barn swallow, Song sparrow, Northern oriole, Eastern phoebe, Red-breasted nuthatch, Blue jay, Red-tailed hawk.

37 species, 3 new to this list.

Another day, another trip to Schenectady, another nice walk along the Mohawk. A lot of familiar faces– I saw the same Wood duck with two ducklings, and I also saw 3 males in full nuptial plumage– just gorgeous. I finally got a good look at the swallows swooping over the river, close enough to see they were in fact Tree swallows. OK! I watched a Cedar waxwing bringing food to the nest– didn’t see any chicks. She was sitting so tight she must still be incubating. All kinds of young’uns, following their mamas about and screeching to be fed.

And I finally saw this blog’s namesake! hovering high, watching for a twitch in the grass. Such an elegant bird.

Tomorrow’s road trip: home, to Troy, to Grafton State Park. This one I’m looking forward to!

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