Wow, actually posting on time tonight!

Rose-breasted grosbeak, Gray catbird, Black-capped chickadee, Hairy woodpecker, American goldfinch, Ruby-throated hummingbird, Phoebe, Blue jay, European starling, House sparrow, Mourning dove, American crow, Rock dove, Canada goose, American robin, Chipping sparrow, Ovenbird, Great blue heron, Mallard, Northern flicker, Cardinal, Killdeer, Barn swallow, Song sparrow, Green heron, Double-crested cormorant, Chimney swift, Peregrine falcon.

28 species, 3 new to this list.

Peregrines are always an OMG bird,even when you know just where to go to see them.  I went down to Rensselaer today while the rain was still a drizzle to check out the nest box. I watched for a while then got distracted by a GB heron fishing nearby. When I looked up again, one of the adults was flying off the nest. I watched him (?) fly to another bridge support, then he took off swooping over the river, eventually perching on the 787 North sign on the ramp. He surveyed the area for a few minutes, then took off into the Albany skyline, terrorizing flocks of pigeons. I should dig out my old spotting scope and set it up, next nice day.

I used to see Chimney swifts around the Lutheran church, but I suspect the openings in the steeple were sealed up when they had the roof repaired. Lots of them around the old buildings in Rens., though.

No gulls along the river. They’re likely all hanging out at the Albany landfill.

Thanks for showing me how to do a link, Billy! What’ll I do when you go to college?

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  1. Thank you for this.

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