Red-tailed hawk, Rock dove, Belted kingfisher, Mallard, Northern mockingbird, Yellow warbler, Wood duck, Great blue heron, European starling, Red-winged blackbird, Black-capped chickadee, American robin, House sparrow, Canada goose, Common grackle, Downy woodpecker, Green heron, Cedar waxwing, Mourning dove, Northern oriole, Ovenbird, American crow, Turkey vulture, Eastern kingbird, Ruby-throated hummingbird, Gray catbird, Blue jay, House finch, Barn swallow, song sparrow.

30 species, 8 new to this list.

Surprising not to have Red-tail and GB heron as they’re commonly seen in/above my yard. I’m trying to combine birding and exercise walking with little success. The birds-per-hour outweighs the MPH.

Most of these were seen along the Mohawk bike trail at Lock 7. I watched one sad story unfold before me– a duckling thrashing and being pulled below water, by a snapper, probably. It took a painfully long time.

You can tell we live semi-rural by how long it took a rat-with-wings to show up on my list– and I had to drive through Troy to get it!

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2 thoughts on “6/8/10

  1. Sounds like you have a pretty good area in which to bird. I have always hoped that birding would bring a little excercise into my life, too. But I don’t move very fast when I bird. Pretty slow going. Get more excercise working around the yard.

  2. It is! My nearest neighbor is a dairy farm, so we have hayfields on one side, a steep wooded hill on another, and a pond and swampy areas behind us. Then there are plenty of larger lakes, and the Mohawk/Hudson rivers are not far. Considering we’re commuting distance from a good-size city (Albany), the habitat is still diverse enough that I have counted 77 species of birds in and over our yard.

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